Facilitating Adjustment of Cognition & Emotion®
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The FACE© programme

FACE© method

The FACE© program

The activities of the FACE Centre draw on the FACE© program (for : Facilitating Adjustment of Cognition and Emotion).

The FACE© program aims at facilitating the adjustment of thinking, feeling and acting as a means of reinforcing resilience in the face of diverse sources of stress and risks of burnout in personal, professional, parenting or family areas.

The FACE Centre thus provides different services formats depending on clients’ needs and requests (such as psycho-education, analysis, cognitive and behavioral therapy, brief therapy, coaching, professional orientation, parenting and emotion training).

The services include general as well as specialized consultations with adults and with youngsters, such as with regard to stress relating to:

  • depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders
  • hyperactivity, impulsivity, attention problems, ADHD, learning and school problems
  • trauma, life events, accidents
  • professional burnout, harrassment, or orientation issues
  • chronic fatigue
  • sexuality and gender identity
  • eating problems and psychomatic complaints
  • partner and family issues
  • parenting and children
  • personal development